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Address and Tutorials for new CTI Navigator Web II

Add, Change or Copy Photos for your listing in CTI Navigator (Desktop, Web Silverlight, or Web II)

Beginner's Guide to Flyers in CTI Navigator Desktop (see also Design Flyers below)

Change or Verify Agent Contact Information in the MLS through CTI Navigator Desktop or Web

CMA in Navigator Desktop:   View Slide Show image

Configure Security (such as Firewall, Internet Security, Windows Internet Options, or Scripting) - see also Security Cleanup

Contact CTI Technical Support (phone 1-800-533-1031 weekdays 8:30 - 5:00 EST; email; other) - see also Tech Helpline

Contacts for non-CTI products (such as Agent Inbox, Form Simplicity, Imapp, MLS Advantage, FAR/GAR/NAR helplines, Real Front Desk, Supra, zipFormPlus)

Copy & Location of Customized Items (such as CMAs, Flyers, Reports) in CTI Navigator Desktop

Create Summary Statistical Report or Market Conditions Report in CTI Navigator Desktop or Navigator Web

CTI Navigator for Mobile Devices (such as Tablet, Laptop-tablet Hybrid, Smartphones)

Design Flyers and Custom Reports in CTI Navigator Desktop


Download, Install or Access CTI Navigator program or MLS Data


Enter Virtual Tour Link


Fix Errors and Troubleshoot Problems

Photo Size, Orientation, Resolution, Quality, Format Conversion, and Upload Guidelines

Reduce Image or PDF File Size, or Rotate Image

Request Remote Assistance from CTI or other Tech Support sources   {click here for shortcut to AeroAdmin instructions,or here for quick AA download}

Register or Unregister dll or ocx Files in Windows

Remove Add-in Toolbar

Restore or Reset Windows System files

Revert Mac to Previous Version of OS X or Restore Entire Mac Operating System Using Time Machine Backup   

Run CTI Navigator Desktop for Multiple MLS's  

Schedule Automatic Updates in Windows for CTI Navigator Desktop

Security Cleanup and Infection Prevention (free AntiVirus, AntiSpyware and Firewall) Links 



Supra Electronic KeyBox Access

Tech Helpline (for computer and digital device support, email help, virus removal, Internet browser assistance, M-F 9am-8pm and Sat 9am-5pm):

Tech Tips for CTI Navigator Web: 

Tutorial Videos animated movie icon  for CTI Navigator Web ("Silverlight" version that is being replaced by HTML version)

Tutorial Instructions for new CTI Navigator Web II (HTML version)

Uninstall CTI Navigator Desktop (or other Windows program) 


View Listings on a Map in CTI Navigator Desktop

View Listings on Maps in CTI Navigator Web - also see Search Listings on Map in Navigator Web


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