Tech Tips Topics for Using CTI Navigator Web

Click on a topic below (or scroll down this web page) to go to specific or advanced instructions relevant to that feature in CTI Navigator Web. Most of these instructions also apply to new Navigator II, but are in the process of being modified as needed. Tips are grouped by function:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


General Usage


Search and Automatic Notification


Email and Message Templates


CMA and Reports


Manage Agent Website and Client Info


Other Support information such as:


 bulletBrowser Display (including adding IE Tab extension to Chrome or to Firefox to support Silverlight in Windows)

   bulletFix Errors and Troubleshoot Problems 
   bulletUse Navigator in Windows 10 (including creating 1-click shortcut to open Navigator Web)
   bulletUse Navigator on Mac  (including un-restricting Silverlight in Safari to avoid or fix System Exception errors)

Note: Items in each group are arranged alphabetically by first word. To quickly find a word or phrase anywhere in this list, you can simultaneously press the Ctrl+F keys in Windows, or Command+F keys in Apple, enter a few letters of text, and click the "Find Next" button. Click on any  underlined item to view that topic. 

General Usage Tips  


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Manage Agent Website and Client Information Tips 


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Email Tips 


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CMA and Report Management Tips 


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 Search and Automatic Notification Tips 


Search - General

Search - Map

Automatic Search and Notification ("Matchmaker")

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Other Support information


In addition to Tech Tips, other helpful information for using CTI Navigator is available as follows:

For more details and video demonstrations on using CTI Navigator Web, see the Tutorials under Help in Navigator Web's frame menu. You also can view a tutorial by clicking one of the video tutorial links following the list of tech tips on this web page. 
 For instructions on how to fix errors or troubleshoot problems, click on Instructions to Fix Errors.
For detailed information on using CTI Navigator with smartphones, tablets, laptops, Ultrabooks, hybrids and convertibles, click on "Using CTI Navigator on Mobile Devices." For a brief summary of using mobile devices, select "Access and use MLS information from Tablet and Smartphone" in the General Usage Tips in Navigator Web Help.)
For information specific to using CTI Navigator on Apple devices, click on "Use CTI Navigator on Macs, MacBooks, and iPads."
To request CTI Tech Support to connect to your computer to provide remote assistance:

 on a Windows computer, click on AA Remote Support Connection;

 on a Mac computer, click on Screen Sharing with Yosemite OS X Messages; or  Quick Screen Share as directed by CTI.

For tech support on computer hardware and software, email, virus removal, Internet browser, and other non-Navigator-specific issues (on both Windows and Apple devices), click "Other Tech Support Contact Information".
Florida Association of Realtors® members can call the Tech Helpline at 407-587-1450, available M-F 9am-8pm and Sat 9am-5pm, or email for free tech support.

GAR and NCAR members can go to to subscribe to online tech support for individual real estate agents.

For help and tutorials on both CTI Navigator Web and CTI Navigator Desktop, click Menu of Help and Tutorials for CTI Navigator Desktop and Web

For help and tutorials on using CTI Navigator in Windows 8 and 8.1, select "Use Windows 8, 8.1 and RT" on CTI's Menu of Help and Tutorials.

For instructions on using CTI Navigator in Windows 10, select "Use Windows 10" on CTI's Menu of Help and Tutorials.

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Video Tutorial Links:


Sign Into CTI Navigator Web


Overview of the Main Menus


Home Page Shortcuts

Overview of Searching

Managing Client Information

Automatic Search and Notification 

Using the Address Book and Addressing Email

Using E-mail and E-mail Templates 

Add or Edit Listing or Rental Property

Customizing Your Agent Website

Overview of Creating CMAs

Edit Comparable Properties in CMAs

Where available:

Other CTI Support Web pages:

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