CTI Navigator for Mobile Devices

All Mobile device users (including iOS and Android) should sign into CTI Navigator Web II at the Internet address for your MLS in your device's Internet browser.  CTI Navigator Web II is designed to run on both computer and mobile devices (Android/Apple/iOS/Windows computers, tablets and Smartphones) and provide a common user interface across all screen sizes, screen types (touch screen and non-touch screen), and Internet browsers. You do not need to download or install any CTI Navigator specific app or browser plug-in (such as Silverlight) onto your tablet, cell phone, or computer to use this version of CTI Navigator.

To see the Index of Tutorial Topics and MLS Addresses for CTI Navigator Web II, click here.

To go directly to the "Introduction, Usage Guidelines, Error Recovery, and Transition Tips for CTI Navigator Web II" (which is recommended for all new users), click here."

rev. 01.18.2017