Convert Desktop Matchmaker to Automated Search and Notification


You can use the Matchmaker Conversion Tool in the frame menu of CTI Navigator Web Silverlight to help you easily convert all of your active Matchmakers from the desktop version of CTI Navigator to both  Internet browser-based versions of CTI Navigator (Web II and Silverlight).  

Why convert? Because transferring Navigator Desktop Matchmaker information into Navigator Web allows you to store more detailed information about your clients, and it gives you easy access to this information from any computer using a standard Internet browser. It also allows you to access your client email addresses from mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets). 

Converting a Matchmaker in Navigator Silverlight automatically creates a Saved Search in CTI Navigator Web II and Silverlight with the same search criteria as the original Matchmaker. The Matchmaker’s Reference Name will be used as the Search name. The saved search will be set to automatically run and notify clients for the same duration, and using the same reports and message, as the original Matchmaker.


The Conversion Tool also will attempt to help you transfer any client information from your Desktop Matchmaker into the client database in your CTI Navigator Web II. To do this, it will scan the client email addresses already in your CTI Navigator Web, and look for any existing clients with the same email address as Matchmaker’s “Recipient Email Address.”


¨     If you already have a client in CTI Navigator Web with that email address, the Saved Search will be associated with that client.

¨     If you, the Agent, are the only recipient, the Matchmaker will be converted to a Saved Search associated with your name. 

¨     If none of the clients in your CTI Navigator Web have this email address, the conversion tool will automatically open an Add New Client dialog box with this email address already entered. All you need to do to save this as a new client is to enter at least a first name for the client. 

After search criteria and client information from a Desktop Matchmaker have been transferred into the Navigator Web database and saved, the desktop Matchmaker will be deleted from the MLS server and will no longer be accessible in CTI Navigator Desktop. This is necessary to prevent duplicate automated search and emailing. If you decide not to convert a Desktop Matchmaker after starting the conversion process, either click Cancel or Skip at the bottom of the “Save Search” screen.

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Print Existing Matchmakers

If you have a large number of Desktop Matchmakers, or just want to be extra careful, you can print out their details in Desktop Navigator, or print the Matchmaker conversion list in Navigator Web Silverlight, before you start converting.  

For step-by-step instructions on how to print Matchmaker information in Navigator Desktop, go to CTI’s Help and Tutorials website and select “Use CTI Desktop Matchmaker”. You also can access this website by typing “ or "".  

In Navigator Web Silverlight, you can use your computer keyboard commands to print the Matchmaker conversion table. For example, in Windows:

·  Press the F11 key to maximize the on-screen view (this is optional)

·  Select the Matchmakers you want to print (You can select by holding down the Control key when clicking; or by  simultaneously pressing ctrl-A to select All Matchmakers in the List)

·  Press ctrl-P to open your printer dialog box, and select print

·  Scroll down to view any Matchmakers not in the previous view

·  Repeat selecting and pressing ctrl-P until you have printed your list of all desired Matchmakers.

·  When finished printing or converting, press F11 again to return to normal view if you previously maximized the view using F11.

Start Conversion

To start the conversion process in CTI Navigator Web Silverlight, click Tools in the frame Menu and select “Convert Desktop Matchmaker.” This will open a Conversion Overview screen that summarizes the conversion process. After you have read the Conversion Overview, click the Continue button at the bottom of the instructions.


The next screen will display a table listing all of your existing desktop Matchmakers. The Reference Name, Description, Recipient’s email address, Revision Date, Days Valid, and Notes will be shown for each Matchmaker.


In the gray frame at the top of the table, check which part of the desktop Matchmaker should be used as the source for the client name to be added into the client database of Navigator Web. You can choose the Reference Name, the Description, or the Recipient Email Address to be the source for the client name. Which field is most appropriate for you depends on the kind of information you entered in these fields when you created your Matchmakers. You can edit the client name information that is transferred into Navigator Web later.


To start converting Matchmakers, you can either:


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Conversion Examples

New Client example

Let’s start by selecting a Matchmaker that does not already have its client in CTI Navigator Web. When a Matchmaker’s Recipient email address is not already in Navigator Web Silverlight, the conversion tool first opens an “Add New Client” screen. If you selected “Reference Name” in Matchmaker as the source for client name [at the top of the Matchmaker conversion table], the Reference Name will be automatically entered in the Client First Name field. Status will be preset to Active, and Client Type will be set to Buyer by default. The email address in Matchmaker will be automatically entered in the first E-mail box. Notes in this Matchmaker will transfer to the Comments section of the Client screen. You can edit anything on this screen now or later.


After you have verified that the client information is correct, click the Save button. If you do not want to save any of this client information, click the Cancel button.   


A “Save Search” screen will open automatically after you click Save or Cancel on the “Add New Client” screen. The Matchmaker “Reference Name” will be automatically entered in the “Search Name” box. The Matchmaker Recipient email address will be automatically entered in the “Notify Clients” section. If you saved a client on the “Add New Client” screen, that name will be automatically entered as the Client. Automatic Search and Notification will be set to ON. “Valid for” will be set to the number of valid days remaining for the desktop Matchmaker.


The Client Notification settings will be transferred from Matchmaker. If this Matchmaker has a customized “Notification Message”, Custom Message will be selected instead of Template. To see or edit the message that was transferred,  you can click the “Compose/Edit E-Mail” button beside Custom.


The Agent Notification settings also will be transferred from Matchmaker. Typically they are “Notify Agent” and “Buyer Handout” Report.


You can edit anything on the “Add New Client” screen.  To save the search criteria click either:

If you click Cancel or “Skip and Next”, the Matchmaker search criteria and automatic notification will not be saved in CTI Navigator Web. [The original Matchmaker will remain in Desktop Navigator.] 


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Two New Clients example

What happens when your Matchmaker has two (or more) email addresses? In the case of multiple email addresses for a Matchmaker, the conversion tool in Navigator Silverlight  will successively open a separate “Add New Client” screen for each distinct email address. Each client can have up to four email addresses. Then it will open just one “Save Search” screen for the Matchmaker search criteria. The Matchmaker Reference Name will be entered as the Search Name. Each of the clients that you saved on the previous screens will be listed in the “Notify Clients” section, along with their email address. 


For more information on using Client information, see the video tutorial entitled “Managing Client Information”. Tutorials are available under Help in the frame menu of CTI Navigator Web Silverlight.  

Two Existing Clients example

When multiple email addresses for a Matchmaker already exist in CTI Navigator Web, the conversion tool will open just a “Save Search” screen. The Matchmaker “Reference Name” will be entered as the Search Name. The existing client name associated with the first email address listed in Matchmaker will be entered as the Client Name for the Search. You can click on the Client button to change which client is the primary associate for this saved search. Only one client can be the primary associate.


All of the client email addresses in this Matchmaker that already exist in CTI Navigator Web will be automatically entered in the “Notify Client” section. To change which clients will be notified, click the “Edit Recipients” button. 


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Agent as Only Recipient example

Conversion of Matchmakers that are set to notify only the agent will open only a “Save Search” screen. The Agent Name will be entered as the Search Name, and Notify Agent will be selected.


The Notification Message Template will be set to “Matchmaker Default” unless the message or signature has been customized in Matchmaker.


If your Matchmaker has a customized “Notification Message or Signature”, Custom Message will be selected instead of “Matchmaker Default” Template. To see or edit the message or signature that was transferred, you can click the “Compose/Edit E-Mailbutton beside Custom.


Note that notifications for all “Agent Only” Matchmaker conversions will automatically be sent to the agent email address in the MLS agent roster/address book. Any special address in Matchmaker that is not in your agent record will not transfer.


If you want to send automatic search notifications to a different email address than in your MSL agent record, you can enter yourself as a client. Then you can associate your alias (and its special email address) with this and other saved searches.


To create an alias for yourself with a special email address not in the MLS, you can click the Add button beside the Client name button. Enter your name and your special email address, and save as a new client.


To send automatic search notifications to your alias, click the “Edit Recipientsbutton to open the address book for your existing clients. Select your alias and click the To button (or you can drag and drop the address under the Email tab). Click OK. Then check “Notify Client(s)”. You can use this alias email address for any Saved Search.  


If you do not want notifications going to your address in your agent record, un-check “Notify Agent.”


Conversion Field Names


The following table summarizes the change in Matchmaker field names from Navigator Desktop to Navigator Web (Silverlight and II). 


Original Matchmaker

Client in Nav Web

Saved Search in Nav Web




Ref Name/Desc/Email

(Client Name)

Search Name=Ref Name

Default Message


Message Template= default

Custom Message


Message Custom

Recipient(s) Email

Email #1

Notify Client(s) Email







Agent Only-Roster Email


Search Name= Agent

Agent Only-Special Email


Search Name= Agent;
Special Email does not transfer


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