Contact CTI Navigator Technical Support

Creative Technology (CTI) provides several ways for authorized CTI Navigator users to obtain free technical support:

  1. Call toll-free at 1-800-533-1031 during business hours (8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST) Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays) for personal assistance. If you are calling regarding a computer issue, please be at your computer when you call.

  2. E-mail questions or suggestions after hours, or when an immediate answer is not needed, to (Inside CTI Navigator Web you can click Help in the frame menu, select Support, and click on the email address to open a new message screen in the default email program on your device.) Please include in any email inquiry both your contact information, and the name of your local MLS. If you are encountering a problem with CTI Navigator, also include your version of Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP), any error message, your version of CTI Navigator (Desktop or Web) and exactly what CTI Navigator function your are referring to (login, update, search, print, send, email, etc). We normally reply to email inquires within 2 hours of receipt during weekday business hours or in the morning of the next business day if received after business hours.

  3. For 24/7 support on using all versions of CTI Navigator, see the menu of self-help usage instructions, tutorials, and error fixes, at /Support/Menu.aspx (or type the shortcut address 

  4. For instructions to fix errors using CTI Navigator Web II (HTML version), click on Help in the frame menu inside CTI Navigator Web II, then Tutorials , and select "Error Recovery" in the first tutorial Topic (or click this link to go directly to "Recover from Error or Malfunction"). 

  5. You can go directly to a menu of instructions to fix errors or problems using CTI Navigator Desktop and Navigator Web Silverlight at (or select "Fix Errors and Troubleshoot Problems" on CTI's Help and Tutorials website).

  6. For Remote Assistance during business hours using a computer-to-computer connection over the Internet, call CTI (see #1 above) and select "Request Remote Assistance from CTI" on CTI's Help and Tutorials website

  7. To see tutorials for CTI Navigator Web II (HTML version), click on Help in the frame menu inside CTI Navigator Web II and select Tutorials (or click this link). 

  8. To see tutorials for CTI Navigator Web (Silverlight version) either select Tutorial Videos  on CTI's Help and Tutorials website; or click on Help in the frame menu inside CTI Navigator Web (Silverlight version) and select Tutorials

  9. To see instructions for performing specific or advanced tasks in CTI Navigator Web, select "How To" Tech Tips for CTI Navigator Web on CTI's Help and Tutorials website; or click on Help in the frame menu inside CTI Navigator Web and select Tech Tips

  10. To see over 500 pages of help documentation inside CTI Navigator Desktop, select Help in the main menu and then select  Navigator Help. This document describes CTI Navigator's many features. It uses electronic Help technology with internal hyperlinks and search capabilities. Context sensitive Help buttons are provided on many screens that link directly to the help instructions for that screen. You also can open Help and select topics from the Contents, or you can go to the help Index tab to find help on specific topics. Using the Search tab, you can type in keywords to be searched for in the help documentation. If you are not familiar with electronic help, click on the Related Topics button at the end of the Welcome message in Help and select Getting Help. The Getting Help section covers how to use the help system. Right-click on the left pane of the Help menu and select "Open All" to view all the help topic sections. You can directly print any section of the Help you want to have in printed format.

Note 1. You can click on any link on this web page to go directly to the referenced web page.

Note 2: You can access “CTI's Help and Tutorials” web page  or  “Instructions to Fix Errors and Troubleshoot problems” from inside CTI Navigator Web II  by clicking on Help in the frame menu, and selecting the desired topic at the bottom of the list of Tutorial Topics. In CTI Navigator Web (Silverlight version), click on  Help in the frame menu, select Tech Tips, and scroll to the bottom section for Other CTI Support Web pages.

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