Configure Windows Live OneCare Firewall

***Effective September 2009 Microsoft discontinued the subscription based Windows Live OneCare protection package and the free Windows Defender anti-spyware program. These programs have been replaced by the free Windows Security Essentials anti-malware program. ***

Whenever you first run CTI Navigator or CTIUpdateManager over the Internet, the Windows Live OneCare Firewall normally will prompt you whether to allow or block the program from accessing the Internet. Select "Allow..." to always allow the program to access the Internet. 

Otherwise, Windows Live OneCare Firewall can be configured manually to allow CTI Navigator Internet functions as follows:

  1. Double-click on the Windows Live OneCare icon in the Windows system tray
  2. On the left pane, click "View or change settings"


  3. Select the Firewall tab and click the "Advanced settings..." button

  4. Click the Program List tab


  5. If CTI Navigator is in the list of programs, select CTI Navigator and ensure that Allow is selected
  6. If CTI Navigator is not already in the Programs List:
    1. click the Add button below the Program name list
    2. browse to C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator (or to wherever you installed CTI Navigator)
    3. select the CTI Navigator folder so that the "Look in" shows CTI Navigator 
    4. select the CTI Navigator file in the large white area so that CTI Navigator displays in the "File name" box and "Executable files (*.exe)" shows in the "Files of Type" box
    5. click the Open button 
    6. select CTI Navigator in the Program name list and set to Allow
    7. Note 1: it is not normally necessary, but if updates are being blocked, you also can add the CTIUpdateManager program file as described in step 6. 

    8. Click OK and Close OneCare.

    Note 2: If you are not successful configuring your Windows Live OneCare Firewall, you want to test if its firewall is the problem, or your Windows Live OneCare subscription has expired, you can disable the OneCare Firewall by dragging the Firewall Settings slider down to Off  in step 3 above. If you disable the OneCare Firewall, remember to restart the firewall later, or configure and enable another firewall (such as the free Windows firewall in the Windows Control Panel). (See "Configure Security Settings in Windows" in related articles below.)

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