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CTI Navigator Web is the browser-based version of CTI Navigator. It runs over the Internet on any computer with an Internet browser that allows Microsoft's Silverlight (version 5.0 or higher) plug-in run in the browser. Adding Silverlight to a browser allows graphics rich business applications such as CTI Navigator Web to run in the browser. This is similar to the way that adding Adobe Flash allows streaming videos to run in a browser. Because it uses Silverlight, CTI Navigator Web does not need to install any MLS program or data files on your computer. (See Alternate versions below if you want to install the desktop version of CTI Navigator, or to access the CTI Navigator website for mobile devices such as Smartphones, and tablets, and for cloud-based devices such as Chromebooks.)   

The free Silverlight browser add-on from Microsoft will run on any Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP/SP2+ computer running the latest plug-in compatible version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser. Chrome and Firefox require a browser extension such as IE Tab to run Silverlight. (Windows RT does not allow plug-ins like Silverlight and therefore cannot run CTI Navigator Web.)

Silverlight also will run on any Intel-based Apple Mac computer using OS X 10.4.11 or later with the latest plug-in compatible version of Safari.  For details on Silverlight operating system compatibility, browser compatibility, and installation see "Silverlight Compatibility" in the Related Articles and Internet Links at the bottom of this webpage. Installing Silverlight in your browser is also discussed in the "Signing In" video in the Video Topics section below. 

Only registered members of participating MLS organizations are authorized to use CTI Navigator Web. To access CTI Navigator Web, you need to know the 3-letter code for your MLS, your MLS user ID code and your MLS password. Normally your user ID is the first letter of your first name followed by the first five letters of your last name (with no spaces between letters). 


You can click on a topic in the list below to go directly to that topic for CTI Navigator Web.

Note that the free Adobe Flash Player is required to display tutorial videos. Click here for Adobe's help installing Flash Player if needed.

These tutorials are also accessible under Help in CTI Navigator Web. 

Note: Due to on-going enhancements and customization for each MLS, some of the items and screens for Your MLS may be different from those shown in the examples used in these videos.

Alternate Versions

Video Usage

Under Video Topics below are instructional videos for getting started with and using CTI Navigator Web. For a general orientation to CTI Navigator Web, start by first viewing the Signing In, the Menus Overview, and the Using Home Page tutorial videos. Then proceed to more detailed topics such as, Search Overview, Managing Client Information, and Using Email.

These tutorial videos require that Adobe’s free Flash® Player be installed in your Internet browser. This browser add-on is free and already installed on most computers.  If your computer  does not already have Adobe’s Flash Player, it can be downloaded from . (For help installing Flash Player, see the appropriate Adobe Flash Player Help article in the Related Articles and Internet Links at the bottom of this webpage.)  

When a video first appears in your browser, click on the large Pay () button to open the video controls and start the video. See the Video Controls section below for more information about the on-screen video controls.  

Each tutorial video has an interactive Table of Contents. You can click on any topic in the Table of Contents to go directly to the section of the tutorial on that topic. Because the videos run in a separate browser window, you can pause the video, switch to CTI Navigator Web, and try for yourself what was just demonstrated in the video.

These tutorials are provided for the benefit of and exclusive use by licensed users of CTI Navigator. If you are not licensed to use CTI Navigator, please do not access or use any of the information or links on this website without explicit permission by an officer of Creative Technology of Sarasota, Inc

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 Video Tutorial Topics

If you are a licensed user of CTI Navigator, you can click on any topic below to open the tutorial video on that topic in your browser.   

Ø     Signing In  [3:42 minutes] 

The Sign In tutorial describes how to sign into CTI Navigator Web from any computer and any Internet browser that support the Silverlight browser add-on. Entering the correct format for the web address and installing Silverlight (if not already installed) are described. Using a browser Bookmark, creating a desktop shortcut in Windows to a website, and allowing site specific pop-ups are discussed as ways to facilitate quick and easy access to CTI Navigator Web. Finally, signing in is demonstrated using your 6-letter agent code for your User Name. 

To see the transcript of the "Signing In" tutorial, click here

Ø     Overview of the Main Menus  [7:25 minutes] 

The tutorial on Using the Main Menus in CTI Navigator Web describes how to use each of the main menu buttons in CTI Navigator’s top and side frames. These are Home, New Task, Tools, Documents, Search, Clients, and Sign-off. It also provides tips on using browser controls, such as how to maximize the screen viewing area.

To see the transcript of the "Main Menus Overview" tutorial, click here.

Ø     Home Page Shortcuts  [14:22 minutes]

The Home Page provides one-click shortcuts for quick and easy access to the most commonly used functions in CTI Navigator Web. This tutorial describes how to use the shortcuts on the Home Page. This includes shortcuts for Hotsheet Activities, Client Search, Just Listed properties, Quick Find Listings; Searching Active Listings, Rentals and Taxrolls (where they are provided); opening a table of Your Active Listings or of Your Company’s Active Listings; managing Hotsheet Activities, Searches and Clients; opening your Client and MLS Address Book; and opening a new Email Message screen.

To see the transcript of the "Home Page Shortcuts" tutorial, click here.

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Ø     Overview of Searching  [15:09 minutes]  

The process of searching is similar whether you are searching listings, rentals, or, where available, tax rolls in CTI Navigator Web. This “Overview of Searching” tutorial describes the search screens involved in Searching Listings and gives a step-by-step example for entering and revising search criteria. It also describes how to view, print and email search results, as well as how to view and select multiple listings on a map. Finally, it demonstrates how to suspend a search and then re-open it later at the point where you left off. 

To see the transcript of the "Search Overview" tutorial, click here.

Ø     Managing Client Information [15:33 minutes]

The tutorial for Managing Client Information describes how you can enter, display, edit, search, print, and save client information in CTI Navigator Web. It also describes how to use Client Manager to pre-address an e-mail message to your client; how to view search criteria and current search results for your client(s); and how to manage client access to web pages on your MLS sponsored Agent Website that have been personalized for those clients.

To see the transcript of the "Manage Client Information" tutorial, click here.

Ø     Automatic Search and Notification  [13:36 minutes]

This “Automatic Search and Notification” tutorial describes how to set CTI Navigator Web to automatically notify your client and/or yourself when a new listing or a change to an existing listing meets criteria you have saved. Topics covered include how to open a “Save Search” screen; how to enter, edit or remove Client information; how to select the report(s) and message to be sent in your automated notifications; and how to manage multiple email addresses for clients. It is explained that notifications are not automatically sent for listings that already match search criteria when those criteria are first saved. (This automatic search and notification function is referred to as "CTI Matchmaker" in the desktop version of CTI Navigator.) 

To see the transcript of the "Automatic Search and Notification" tutorial, click here.

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Ø     Using the Address Book and Addressing Email  [6:13 minutes]

This tutorial describes how to quickly create and address new email messages directly from the Home Page in CTI Navigator Web. How to enter, copy, reposition or remove addresses for multiple recipients is demonstrated. This tutorial also demonstrates how to easily find and use email addresses for Clients, Agents, MLS Offices and MLS Affiliates that are stored in CTI Navigator Web. For instructions on importing email contacts from other programs, formatting email, using merge fields, customizing and using message templates, and emailing MLS reports and messages, see the separate tutorial "Using E-mail and E-mail Templates".   

To see the transcript of the "Using the Address Book and Addressing Email" tutorial, click here.

Ø     Using E-mail and E-mail Templates  [12:51 minutes]

The tutorial on "Using E-mail and E-mail Templates" describes how to use the built-in e-mail functions in CTI Navigator Web. The tutorial starts by demonstrating how to use email as part of basic contact management in CTI Navigator Web. This includes importing client email addresses from other email programs, and using the Client Management feature to automatically address messages to a client. It then demonstrates how to select listings to email, and how to use the numerous options available on the main e-mail screen. This includes formatting, inserting an image or hyperlink, using paste and undo tools, inserting Merge Fields, and customizing and inserting Template messages. It also provides guidelines for using the “Click here to view properties” link; for using Merge Fields; and for replacing Placeholder-Reminders in messages that are generated from Templates. Finally it demonstrates how to email messages and MLS reports to clients, and how to send or copy email to yourself. 

To use a third-party contact management program, it is suggested that you first email MLS report(s) and/or messages from CTI Navigator Web just to your contact management program. Then forward them from this third-party contact management program to the intended recipient(s). For instructions on using email addressing functions, including using contact information in the MLS roster, see the separate tutorial "Using the Address Book and Addressing Email". 

To see the transcript of the "Using Email and Email Templates" tutorial, click here.

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Ø   Add or Edit Listing or Rental Property [17:50 minutes]

This tutorial describes how broker authorized users can Add or Revise a listing (or rental) property, and send it to the MLS server in CTI Navigator Web. All of the primary fields and on-screen controls used to add or revise listings are described. This includes how to enter a New listing, Copy a listing, enter Comparables, enter Partnership splits, add and organize Photos, add Virtual Tours and Web Links, create and attach PDF documents, and position a listing on the Map used in the MLS. 

 To see the transcript of the "Add or Edit Listing or Rental Property" tutorial, click here.

Ø Customizing Your Agent Website [15:28 minutes]

This tutorial describes how to customize the agent website that is automatically created for you in CTI Navigator Web. It shows how to specify a personalized domain name for your website, select a website style, add your personal photo (and, if authorized, the company logo for your office), edit the information displayed on your About Me and Homepage, customize your contact information, and select keywords in your website to help increase the prominence of your website to Internet Search Engines.

 To see the transcript of the "Customizing Your Agent Website" tutorial, click here.

Ø Overview of Creating CMAs  [9:32 minutes] 

The “Create CMA Overview” tutorial describes how to create and save a new Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report package; and how to open, edit, copy, or publish existing CMAs that were previously created in CTI Navigator Web. This tutorial will give you an overview of the process of creating CMAs by describing how to use each of the main CMA screens and their contents. 

Topics covered are: setting up a new CMA; entering and editing the subject property; entering comparable properties (comps) and adjusting their values to be more like the subject property; understanding and using system computed pricing data for sold comps to determine a suggested list price for the subject property; creating, customizing templates, editing, and selecting CMA documents; previewing, printing, emailing, and copying the Internet link for CMAs; and saving or extending the purge date for selected CMAs. 

To see the transcript of the "Creating CMAs Overview" tutorial, click here.

Ø Edit Comparable Properties in CMAs  [11:41 minutes]

This tutorial describes how to enter adjustments to the values for Comparable properties in a CMA package created in CTI Navigator Web. Each of the main screens used to edit comparables are reviewed. 

Topics covered include How To: select Comparable listings to edit; edit Features and Remarks to fit on CMA reports; add a Photo for a comparable property; adjust the price for a comparable directly, or by applying saved adjustments from your personal Adjustment Library, or by changing the percent of price per square foot when applicable; manage your Adjustment Library; and adjust the location of a comparable property on the Map displayed in your CMA report. 

Ø iMapp Access (where available) [9:43 minutes]

This tutorial demonstrates the many ways to access the third-party iMapp marketing and research application tool from inside CTI Navigator Web if your MLS subscribes to this service. Where available, iMapp supplements MLS listing information with property tax information from multiple sources, interactive parcel maps, demographics, and flood zone data. 

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Video Controls  

The Video controls for these tutorials are at the bottom of the screen. The Play (4) button at the bottom left toggles between Play and Pause (;) to start or stop the video.  

You can click on the slider bar at the bottom to jump to a specific point in the video. Click and hold the slider bar progress indicator (<) to manually drag the video to a particular screen or section. 

Click the volume icon (X ) to control the audio volume. Click and drag the volume indicator up to increase the volume or down to decrease the volume. You also can use the separate volume controls on your speakers or headset if available. 

Use the [ Full Screen Icon] icon to the right of the volume icon to toggle between normal and full screen view for the video. You also can press the Esc key on your keyboard to exit the full screen view and return to normal view. The elapsed time and total duration of the video display at the bottom right corner of the screen. Elapsed time is the number in front of the forward slash symbol (/), and total duration is the number after the forward slash symbol (/). Time is in minutes:seconds double-digit format.  

Screen Resolution

The minimum screen resolution recommended for CTI Navigator Web is 1024 x 768. Screens set to lower resolution (such as 800 x 600) may not properly display all parts of CTI Navigator Web. 

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Note: CTI Navigator Web is initially released as a beta version for testing in the field prior to full release. The beta version may not include all functions. Check with your local MLS office to determine if your MLS is participating in the beta test of CTI Navigator Web.

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