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Overview and Selection Screen
Selection Options:
   Notify When Viewed
   Copy Link to Clipboard
   Show Link in Browser
   Select Report(s)
   Days Valid
   Viewer Options
Included in All email reports
New Message Screen with MLS Report Link
   Addressing Your Email Report
   Formatting Your Message
   CC, BCC and other Options (such as Attachments or Templates)
   Warning: Templates Overwrite Links
   Send Me a Copy (MLS does not store email messages)
Using the Report Viewer
Index of Tutorials, including
  • Addressing Email and Use Address Book
  • Create Email Messages, Use Message Templates, Edit Signature
  • Touchscreen Note. Where instructions are to select or click, touchscreen device users would press or tap as appropriate for your device.

    Overview and Selection Screen 

    To email MLS reports, photos, documents, links, and/or maps for selected listings from the MLS server:

    1. Open a Summary or Details search results screen; 
    2. Select one or more listings by checking its selection box (to its left on a Summary screen or at the top of a Details screen);
    3. Click the Options button in the top toolbar; and
    4. Select "E-mail". 

    This will open a pop-up dialog box (similar to the image below) where you can specify what to include with the MLS Report email. The box is re-sizable by clicking on a horizontal or vertical boundary line and dragging in or out. To see your search results screen when making your selections, you can click-and-hold on the top bar of the dialog box and drag it around.


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    Under "Selection Options", select which property or properties to include in your email.

    Check "Notify when viewed" to automatically receive notification each time a recipient opens your email (until it expires if you entered "Days Valid"). You can enter a brief "Notification Message" (such as recipient's name or initials) to be returned to you to identify this particular email when it is opened. The recipient will not see your notification message.  If the field following the (Report Number   ) is blank in your notification, it is because you did not enter a Notification Message to be included in your E-mail MLS Report link. (Note: Do not reply to these notifications because they are sent by the MLS server, not the recipient.)

    Click the "Copy Link to clipboard" button to place a copy of the URL address in your device's clipboard. Clicking this button will not display the link on-screen. You can then paste this link in any other app that supports the paste function (see Social Media & Email Marketing apps note below).

    Click the "Show Link in Browser" button to display both the "Click Here to View Properties" hyperlink (with URL address hidden) and the Text Link (with URL address visible). Either link can be copied and pasted in any other app that supports hyperlinks and the paste function. To preview the report and detail options, either click on "Click Here to View Properties", or copy-and-paste the entire text link into you browser. 

    Social Media & Email Marketing apps note: You can use either the "Copy Link to clipboard" or "Show Link in Browser" to create a link to MLS listing information that you can paste into social media apps (such as Facebook and Google+) or email marketing apps (such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp).

    Under "Select Report(s)", click in the box and select the email formatted report (such has Buyer Handout, Full Report, or 4 Per Page) to send. The selected report will display as highlighted in the box.

    Beside "Days Valid" you can set how many days the email link you are sending stays accessible. After the number of days you enter have passed, the email link will automatically expire and recipient(s) will no longer be able to view the report or its details.

    Check the desired Viewer options to include in your email links to other detail information from the MLS such as attached Documents, Internet Links, Listing History, and/or Map. To include only selected documents, click the "Specify Docs" button under Viewer Options, and use the multiple selection command appropriate for your device to select specific documents. To select all details check "All".

    In addition to any Viewer Options selected, all email reports include the selected Report; all Photos, Virtual Tour Links, links to the Property Appraiser website (where available) for the selected properties; and Contact information for the sending agent from the MLS agent record. 

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    New Message Screen with MLS Report Link

    After completing all desired selections for emailing an MLS report, click the Continue button at the top of the email dialog box. This will open a "New Message" screen. The "Click here to View Properties" hyperlink and your default email signature will display in the message body below the email formatting menu. Click in front of (or following) the report link to type a personal message to the recipient(s). To apply formatting in your message, first highlight the affected text or click on a location in the body of the message, and then click the appropriate format icon in the toolbar. To remove formatting, highlight the affected text and click the appropriate format icon in the toolbar.

    You can click in the "To" address box and enter any recipient's email address. (Addresses do not auto-complete as you type.) To send to multiple recipients, type a semi-colon (;) between email addresses. If a recipient is a Client,  an MLS member, or an Affiliate who is in your MLS Address Book, you can click on the address button  to open your personal Address Book where you can select their name and email address under the appropriate tab.

    To copy your email to other recipients, click on the "CC, BCC and other options" button. This will expand the email screen to display individual fields to CC, BCC, and "Select Files" (which are not in the MLS) to Add as Attachments or use Template messages. Click on the appropriate CC or BCC button, check the box beside the name of one or more recipients to be copied, and then click the OK button to return to the New Message screen. The email address for each selected recipient will display beside (or beneath on narrow screens) the CC or BCC address button you initially selected.

    For more information on using the Address Book, see the "Addressing Email and Using the Address Book" tutorial.

    For information on creating messages, editing your email signature and using message templates, see the "Create Email Message and Use Message Templates" tutorial. This tutorial also includes instructions on how to "Display a listing Photo in an email message."

    Warning: Templates replace all information currently in a message. Therefore, do not select a message Template unless you first copy the "Click here to View Properties" hyperlink to your device's clipboard. Then, after selecting a message Template, you can paste the link to the MLS Report and Options back at the desired location in the body of your message by using the "Insert Hyperlink" email formatting tool.

    If you want to have a record of this message, check the "Send me a copy" box before you click the Send button at the top of the New Message screen.  This is recommended because the MLS does not store email messages.

    Report Viewer

    When recipients click on "Click here to View Properties" in your email message, a report viewer will display with a toolbar in their browser (see image below). At the top will be buttons for Detail and for Photos (#), plus buttons for any optional details you selected to send - such as Map, History, Property Appraiser, Taxes, and Links/Docs.


    Click the Detail button in the Report Viewer to display the MLS Report (with whatever level of detail you selected, such as Buyer Handout or Full Report). Click the Photos button to display a photo gallery of all of the photos for that listing. Click on an individual photo in the gallery to enlarge it and open it in a "Photo Viewer". Clicking on the photo in this viewer will display left and right navigation buttons that allow you to move from photo to photo. To close the Photo Viewer and return to the Photo Gallery, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the viewer frame.

    This concludes the tutorial on Emailing Reports and Documents in CTI Navigator Web II.

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