Using the Real Front Desk "On-Line Showing and Professional Feedback System” in CTI Navigator

For participating MLS organizations, the Real Front Desk "On-Line Showing and Professional Feedback System" can be fully integrated with CTI Navigator (Desktop and Web). It is very easy to use, and readily available to help you show and sell your listings.


Depending on the showing instructions that the Listing agent enters, Showing Agents can request showings on-line through CTI Navigator. When a showing is requested, the Listing Agent and/or Listing Office will be automatically notified by email or text message, or both. Showing instructions can be sent automatically for vacant properties. Following the showing appointment, the system will automatically email a request for feedback to the Showing Agent.

Tutorial videos for using the system are accessible on the Internet by going to or by clicking on an appropriate link at the end of this webpage).  

Getting Started

Only a few steps are needed to get started:

  1. Listing Agents need to add owner information along with showing instructions to their listing. (For details, see the How to add the owner information and showing instructions to your listings” video on the Real Front Desk On-Line Training web page).  

  2. You should confirm that your internal agent information (especially contact information) has been imported correctly. 

  3. You have the option to add more information to your profile page so that you can either receive emails, text messages, or both when a showing has been confirmed On Line (see the “How do I arrive to and edit my Internal Agent Profile” video).  

How can the Showing Agent set a showing on one of my Vacant Listings and gain showing instructions without me talking with them? 

Once the showing instructions have been added to the listing, Showing Agents can quickly and easily schedule showings for Vacant properties directly from the CTI Navigator / Real Front Desk On-Line System without needing to make any phone calls to the Listing office. This saves everyone time and money. 

What about Owner Occupied listings?

The Real Front Desk On-Line system includes special tools for the Listing Broker. For "Owner Occupied" listings, the Listing Broker can specify that Showing requests through the Real Front Desk On-Line system be sent to the Office Only, or to both the Office and to the Agent responsible for On-Line Showing Request Notices. (This feature is the bottom feature selection once you have logged into your Broker Tools in Real Front Desk On Line.)   

What does the Showing / Professional System do after the showing confirmation has been made?   

Using the Real Front Desk system from CTI Navigator, you can set a showing in the system when an agent calls or if you need to set a showing yourself.  

Once a showing request is approved, confirmation emails are sent out automatically to the Listing Agent, Showing Agent and Owner (if the Owner’s email has been entered in the Owner Profile).

After the appointment time has passed, the Professional Feedback system automatically sends out feedback request emails to the Showing Agent on the day of the showing.  Life has just gotten simpler! 

CTIMLS / AOS Real Front Desk Training Videos

Main Panel links / features presentation

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How to add the owner information and showing instructions to your listings

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Video Notes:
  1. If you are unable to launch a web page by clicking on the item of interest link, you can copy the url address below the item and paste it into your web browser. 
  2. Even though several demo videos use CTI Navigator Web NFL screens, the information is the same for all MLS users of CTI Navigator Web. 
  3. These videos use the free Adobe Flash Player® to run in your browser. 
  4. Real Front Desk and these training videos are products of Advanced Office Solutions (AOS). Advanced Office Solutions can be contacted by phone at 937.287.5556.