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Tech Tips are short "how to" instructions for performing specific or advanced tasks in CTI Navigator Web. The Tech Tips on this web page apply to using your MLS-sponsored Agent Website and managing client information. For more details and demonstrations, see the appropriate video tutorial(s)

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Detailed Instructions and Videos

Click Help in the frame menu of CTI Navigator Web, and then select Tutorials to see a description and list of videos on how to use the main features in CTI Navigator Web. You can watch a video and/or view or print its transcript. Each tutorial video has a dynamic table of contents. You can click on any topic in the table to go directly to information in the video on that particular topic. Because the videos run in a separate browser window, you can pause the video, switch to CTI Navigator Web, and try for yourself what was just demonstrated in the video. These tutorial videos are also accessible from CTI's Help and Tutorials website.

The tutorial for Managing Client Information describes how you can enter, display, edit, search, print, and save client information in CTI Navigator Web. It also describes how to use Client Manager to pre-address an e-mail message to your client; how to view search criteria and current search results for your client(s); and how to manage client access to web pages on your MLS sponsored Agent Website that have been personalized for those clients.  

The "Customizing Your Agent Website" tutorial describes how to customize the agent website that is automatically created for you in CTI Navigator Web. It shows how to specify a personalized domain name for your website, select a website style, add your personal photo (and, if authorized, the company logo for your office), edit the information displayed on your About Me and Homepage, customize your contact information, and select keywords in your website to help increase the prominence of your website to Internet Search Engines. 

See the "Automatic Search and Notification" video tutorial for how to set CTI Navigator Web to automatically notify your client and/or yourself when a new listing or a change to an existing listing meets criteria you have saved. Topics covered in this tutorial include how to open a “Save Search” screen; how to enter, edit or remove Client information; how to select the report(s) and message to be sent in your automated notifications; and how to manage multiple email addresses for clients. It is explained that notifications are not automatically sent for listings that already match search criteria when those criteria are first saved. (This automatic search and notification function is referred to as "CTI Matchmaker" in the desktop version of CTI Navigator.) 

The process of searching is similar whether you are searching listings, rentals, or, where available, tax rolls in CTI Navigator Web. For instructions on searching, select the "Overview of Searchingtutorial video. The “Overview of Searching” tutorial describes the search screens involved in Searching Listings and gives a step-by-step example for entering and revising search criteria. It also describes how to view, print and email search results, as well as how to view and select multiple listings on a map. Finally, it demonstrates how to suspend a search and then re-open it later at the point where you left off. 

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Find or Customize Your Agent Website Address

To see or copy your MLS sponsored agent website address:

  1. Select Agent Web in the top or side frame menu of CTI Navigator Web to open the Agent Control Panel
  2. Click the Preview Site button to open your agent website homepage in a new browser window. 
  3. See or copy the website address displayed in the browser address box. 

Manage Client Access to Your Agent Website 

To manage client information, open the Client Manager by either selecting “Manage Clients” on the Home Page, or from any screen in CTI Navigator Web by clicking on Clients in the Frame Menu, and then selecting Client Manager. Either approach will open the main page for managing your clients' information.

On the Client Manager screen, select a particular client and then click the Details smart button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the Client Details screen.  

On the Left side of the Client Details screen, click the Client Web button to display “Client Settings” information. These settings indicate the selected Client’s Access to and Usage of your MLS sponsored Agent Website. This includes their personalized searches that have been saved on your website. 

The Login History section of Client Settings shows the Client’s Login Email Address, the Last Date and Time that this client logged into your website, and the number of times that this client has logged into your website in the last 30 days. 

In the “Client Access” section, you can select to Enable or Disable this client’s access to their personalized web pages on your Website. 

To assign a new password for this client on your agent Website, and to automatically email it to them along with your MLS sponsored agent website address, click the “Reset Password” button in the “Reset and Send Password” section. This message will be sent to the email address in position 1 of the Client information record. When resetting an already existing client account password, the new password will be sent to the email address to which the previous password was assigned.  

To display a Special Greeting to your client when they log into their web page on your Agent Website, type your personalized greeting in the Custom Greeting box. 

In the Client Report Style section, you can specify which search results Links to include in automatic notifications to this client. 

Linking automatic notifications to the Client-Specific Searches on your MLS sponsored Agent website provides special  benefits to your clients. This includes seeing up-to-the-minute search results, displaying property locations on a map, saving properties of special interest to a Favorites list, and rejecting listings that are not of interest. 

If you prefer to have Navigator Web automatically send search results links to a third-party hosted website instead of to your MLS sponsored website, select “Email [Only] Property links” as the Client Report Style. In this case, you also should customize the template for your automatic notifications to include the desired link to your third-party hosted website instead of to your MLS sponsored website.  For instructions on creating custom notifications, see the tutorial on Automatic Search and Notification. 

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Partnership Co-listings on Agent Web

While you cannot currently add partnership listings to the "Agent Listings" on your agent web, you can add your partnership listings to display under "Agent's Recommended Searches" for your clients on your Agent Web if you think that is appropriate. Just save a search with criteria for those partnership listings, and give the Saved Search a name such as Co-Listings. Then when you add a client in CTI Navigator Web, you can add that client as a recipient for "Automatic Searching and Notification" for that Saved Search.
Setting a client as a recipient for a saved search will cause that search to appear under "Agent's Recommended Searches" on the Agent Web for that client. You may want to leave "Notify Agent" checked so you would be notified if your partner changes the price or status of one of your co-listings.
To see how this appears to a client on your agent web, you can log into your agent website as a client. For usage details, see CTI Navigator Web's tutorials for "Manage Client Information" and for "Automatic Searching and Notification."

See also "Co-Listings as Partnership" in the General Tech Tips.

Public Access to your Agent Website 

The public can access and use many features on your Agent Website. The public can view your personal information (on your Home page and About Me page), your contact information (on every page), your agent listings, and your office listings. They also can perform simple searches by form type and map location, and see listing details and photos.

However, only registered users (clients) can save their searches, rate properties, save properties to a favorites list, see listings personally recommended by you, or be notified automatically when new listings or changed listings match their preferred criteria. You can register your clients by entering their name and email address in Client Manager, or users can register themselves by entering their name and email address on your Agent Website. 

Note: If you "Disable Agent Web" in the Agent Web Control Panel, the public will not be able to access your website. Also, since the search results of auto-notifications (Matchmakers) for you clients are stored at your Agent Website (so they can be shared by you and your clients), an auto-notification link to "View All Properties" will fail if your agent web is disabled. 

See Client Activity   

You can view your client's saved search criteria and search results directly inside CTI Navigator Web (see below). You also can see exactly what your client sees by signing into your agent website using your client's credentials (email and password). Signing in as a client allows you to view how they rated individual search results (1 to 5 stars), and any properties they have saved to their "Favorites" list. Both agents and clients can be signed into the same client account on your MLS sponsored agent website at the same time. 

Client Access 

To see or manage client access, open Client Manager on the Home Page or under Clients in the frame menu. Select a particular client and then click the Details smart button at the bottom of the screen. On the Client Details screen click the Client Web button on the left to display “Client Settings” information. Under "Login History" see the "Last Time Logged in" and the number of times this client has logged in over the past 30 days (as well as the client's login email address and password to your agent website).

Client Saved Searches

When a client saves a personal search on your MLS sponsored agent website hosted by CTI, that search is automatically added to your Search Manager in Navigator Web. The saved search is associated with the client's name and uses the name assigned by your client.  You can open searches saved by your client to see their criteria and current search results in CTI Navigator Web (see "Searches Associated with Clients" below) the same as searches that you save for them. 

Automatic notification for both client and agent is enabled by default for client saved searches. Consequently, both you and your client will be notified automatically of any new system generated ("Matchmaker") search matches based on your client's saved criteria. 

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See or Reset Client Password to Your Agent Website

To see or reset the password for a client to your MLS sponsored agent website:
  1. Open Client Manager
  2. Select a Client
  3. Click the Details button
  4. Click the Client Web button
  5. The client's existing password will be displayed under "Login History" immediately after the "Client Login Email" address.
  6. Click on the "Reset Password" button if appropriate. 

See Searches Associated with Clients 

There are three (3) ways to see the Saved Searches that are associated with a Client or Clients: 

  1. Open Search Manager from the Home Page or Frame menu, and look in the Client Column (click on the column heading to sort by client name);  or
  2. Open Client Manager, select the Client, click the Details button, and click the Saved Searches button;  or
  3. Open Search Listings, click the down arrowhead ▼ on the Clients button at the top, select a Client, and click the "Client's Searches" button (to the left of the Clients button at the top of the screen). 

For more details and visual demonstrations, see the video tutorials for "Automatic Search and Notification", "Managing Client Information", and "Search Overview". 

Export Your Client Information

To export some or all information about your clients that you have entered into CTI Navigator Web:

  1. Open Client Manager (either click "View my Clients" on the Home Page, or select Clients in the frame menu)
  2. Check individual clients, or check the box in the first column heading to select all
  3. Click the Export button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the desired fields to export from those in the Available list
  5. Arrange the Selected items in the desired order (top to bottom in the list exports in left to right order) by either drag and drop with mouse, or select and use Up/Down arrows
  6. Click the OK button
  7. Select Comma Delimited (.cvs) or Tab Delimited (.txt) format and uncheck or check to include "Field Names in the First Row"
  8. Click the Export button
  9. On the "Save As" screen
  10. Click Save.

Format note. Importing a tab delimited text (.txt) file into Microsoft Excel will automatically launch Excel's Import Wizard which will prompt you to select which mark to use for separating columns (field delimiter) and what format to use for each column in the imported table. See Microsoft's instructions at .

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