Use Newest version of CTI Navigator Web on a Mac, IPad or iPhone

To use CTI Navigator Web II on any Internet enabled Apple product (Mac, iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone), sign into CTI's website for your MLS (click here for address).  Navigator Web II provides a common user interface across all screen sizes, screen types (touch screen and non-touch screen), and Internet browsers. You do not need to download or install any CTI Navigator specific app or browser plug-in onto your tablet, cell phone or computer to use Navigator Web II. CTI Navigator Web II is the recommended MLS platform for all Internet enabled devices.

Use Previous version of CTI Navigator Web on a Mac (being phased out)

To use the previous version of CTI Navigator Web  on your Mac you need to install the Silverlight browser plug-in (which is being phased out by Microsoft) and also set your browser to allow the Silverlight plug-in to have full access to all computer resources when running at your MLS website. This means set Safari to always run Silverlight without restrictions on Navigator’s website for your MLS; or set Firefox to "Always Activate" Silverlight. If Silverlight does not download in your Mac, set the computer's System Preferences for "Security & Privacy" to "Allow apps to download from the Mac App Store and Identified Developers" rather than only from the "Mac App Store" as described here.  

Configure Safari. Enter CTI Navigator’s website address for your MLS in Safari to open the CTI Navigator Web sign-in page. If Silverlight has not already been installed in your Mac, click the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" button (or click here), save "Silverlight.dmg" to your Mac, and then double-click on "Silverlight.pkg" to install.  After Silverlight has been installed, open the CTI Navigator Web sign-in page, click Safari in the browser's menu, select Preferences, then Security tab. Verify that "Enable JavaScript" is checked, and that "block pop-up windows" is not checked. Beside "Internet plug-ins" check "Allow Plug-ins", and then click the "Plug-in Settings" (or "Website Settings...") button. On the left pane, click on Silverlight, and on the right pane, select the CTI Navigator website address you are using for your MLS.

In Safari 10, depress the Option key and click the button to the right of Navigator's web address. Check "On" and un-check "Run in Safe Mode."
  (Click on image to enlarge.) When prompted, click the button to Trust the CTI Navigator website to run Silverlight in "unsafe mode" (i.e., unrestricted).
Verify that the website setting button displays with a warning symbol (a black triangle around an exclamation mark). Then click Done.   

In Safari 9 and earlier, click the button to the right of Navigator's web address and select "Run in Unsafe Mode" (i.e., unrestricted). Then, click Done, and when prompted, click the button to Trust the CTI Navigator website to run Silverlight in unsafe mode. Verify that the website setting button displays "Allow Always " with a warning symbol (a triangle around an exclamation mark). If only “Allow” or "Allow " are displayed, click the down arrow and select "Allow Always ".

Finally, open the Advanced tab under Security and verify that “Stop plug-ins to save power” beside Internet Plug-ins is not checked. Close all Safari screens and then re-open the CTI Navigator Web sign-in page for the changes to take effect.

Un-restricting Silverlight will allow you to sign-in with your CTI Navigator User Name and password, and to use all Navigator functions in the browser. If you ever encounter a "System Exception" or "Processing" error using CTI Navigator Web, repeat the above steps to ensure that Safari is not restricting Silverlight. Note that Safari's "Website Settings" for Silverlight must include a triangle symbol beside "On" or "Allow Always" to indicate that Silverlight can run in unsafe mode at Navigator's website. If Safari is configured correctly (as described above) but Navigator Web still  encounters errors, click Preferences then Privacy tab in the Safari menu, select "Remove all Website Data", and click "Remove Now" (to clear data that may have become corrupted). If the error persists, use Force Quit (under the Apple icon or Command+Option+Esc keys) to ensure that all Safari screens and processes are closed and reset before opening the CTI Navigator website.

It is seldom necessary, but if the preceding steps fail to resolve a problem running CTI Navigator Web in Safari on your Mac, un-install Silverlight, re-start your computer, and repeat the steps to install and then configure Safari to run Silverlight un-restricted. To un-install Silverlight: close all browser screens > open Finder and browse to the hard drive where Silverlight is installed > select/open Library > select/open Internet Plug-ins  > click on the "Silverlight.plugin" and drag to Trash >  If displayed, also click on "WPFe.plugin" and drag to Trash  > Empty Trash! Silverlight will not be completely removed until you empty the Trash >  Restart your Mac. If desired, you can install Silverlight at

Firefox. You can run the previous version of CTI Navigator Web in Mozilla Firefox on your Mac if you set Firefox to activate Silverlight. To set Firefox to "Always Activate" Silverlight for CTI Navigator Web specifically on the website for your MLS, open Firefox and go to the Navigator website sign-in web page for your MLS.  If Silverlight has not already been added into Firefox, click the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" button. If prompted to "Activate Silverlight", select "Activate and Remember".  If needed after Silverlight has been installed, you can click Tools in Firefox's menu, select "Add-ons", select Plugins, and beside "Silverlight Plug-in" click the button to select "Always Activate".

Note. Currently in Firefox on a Mac, plugins such as Silverlight must be "activated" (or re-activated) individually on each active web page. To do so, double-click on the plugin icon  (that looks like a “Lego” piece or “binoculars") just to the left of the URL address for the web page in Firefox. (If you single-click on the plugin icon, you can click the “Continue Allowing” button that drops down, but it is not necessary.)

Set Firefox not to block pop-up windows in CTI Navigator Web (so you can see screens such as print dialog boxes). To do so, click Firefox, select Preferences, and Content Tab. Then either un-check "Block pop-up windows" (to apply to all websites); or click the Exceptions button, enter the CTI Navigator Website address for your MLS, and click the Allow button. If Firefox still does not print MLS reports or tables correctly, click the "View PDF" button on Navigator's Print screen, and then select the print icon on Firefox's PDF Viewer screen. Otherwise, use a different browser to print.

Extensive Video Tutorials and technical tips for using CTI Navigator Web (in any plug-in compatible browser) are provided under Help in CTI Navigator Web's frame menu. For "Instructions to Fix Errors", select Other Support Information” under Tech Tips.

Use CTI Navigator Desktop on a Mac
To be able to use CTI Navigator without an Internet connection, you can install the CTI Navigator Desktop program and data on a Mac or MacBook that is running Windows. To run Windows on your Mac, you can use Apple’s “Boot Camp” utility (which is included in OS X), or virtualization software such as "VMware Fusion for Mac", "Parallels Desktop for Mac" or Oracle's free  "VirtualBox". For information on installing CTI Navigator Desktop in Windows running on a Mac, go to CTI’s Help and Tutorials website (at, click on "Download, Install or Access CTI Navigator", and select "CTI Navigator on Apple Mac" in the main index. 

Use CTI Navigator Mobile on iPad or iPhone
iPad and iPhone users should go to the CTI Navigator Web II website for your MLS (click here for address). CTI Navigator Web II provides the same functionality on mobile devices as on  computers. CTI Navigator Web II is the recommended MLS platform for all mobile devices.  

iPad and iPhone users also have the option to browse to the CTI Navigator Website for your MLS (or go directly to http://{MLScode} and sign into Navigator "mobi" that is designed specifically for mobile devices. Once signed-in, there are "Guidelines for New Users" on the CTI Mobile Menu. You do not need to install any app on your iPad or iPhone to search listings, display listing photos, reports and maps, search and display agent contact information, and email clients or other agents. You can log into this website and view the MLS information on any computing device anywhere in the world without need to install CTI Navigator or the Silverlight  browser plug-in. However, to upload information (such as new or revised listing or CMA) from an iPad to the mobi website, you will need to use your preferred Remote Desktop App for Apple iOS devices (such as "PocketCloud", "TeamViewer Remote Control", or "Parallels Access") to connect to a computer running a full featured version of CTI Navigator (Web or Desktop).

Tech Support

Instructions for using CTI Navigator are available 24/7 on CTI’s Help and Tutorials website (at /Support/Menu.aspx). This includes "Use CTI Navigator on Apple Mac or iPad." For instructions on resolving problems or errors, select “Fix Errors and Troubleshoot Problems” on this website. To allow a CTI technician to remotely connect to your Mac running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later to provide tech support for CTI Navigator, click "Screen Sharing with Yosemite Messages". We recommend that every Navigator user bookmark CTI’s Help and Tutorials website for easy reference at any time. 

Live Tech Support for CTI Navigator is available 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday by calling Creative Technology at 1-800-533-1031. Tech Support for general computer, Mac and non-Navigator software issues is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm EST by calling the Tech Helpline sponsored by your state Association of REALTORS®. Florida REALTORS® can call their Tech Helpline at 1-407-587-1450 for free support. Georgia REALTORS® can call their Tech Helpline at 1-877-573-5611 for subscription based support. Tech Support through Apple is available 7 am to 11 pm EST every day by calling 800-275-2273 for Mac or iPad, or call 800-694-7466 for iPhone issues.

To return to CTI's menu of Help and Tutorials, click here or use the back arrow at the top of your Internet browser.

To go directly to CTI's Fix Errors and Troubleshoot Problems” webpage, click here.