Team Account Setup

A Team account can be setup as an Agent with Broker-Load permission (to add or revise listings) in CTI Navigator. The team account is assigned Active status but access is Disabled (to avoid the normal charge for access). A team logo (in jpg format) can be entered as the agent photo (not office logo) for the team account. Anyone with Management authority for the office (the broker or designate, a team member, or office staff) to which the team belongs can add or change team information and team listings. Team members who do not have office management authority cannot add or revise team listings or team information.

Listings can be assigned to only one listing entity (one agent or team) in CTI Navigator. Team listings "belong" to the team rather than to separate individuals in the MLS database. The contact information (name, phone number, email address) on all the team’s listings will be the contact information for the team entity (not the individual team members).

The Team Name (and logo if entered as a photo) will display in the MLS Roster and Address book. Team members and other MLS members can see, print or email team listings by entering the Team code as the Listing Agent Code (or Team Name as the Listing Agent Name) when searching listings in CTI Navigator. For quick and easy access, team members can save this search for all the team's listings, or can save team listing searches separately for each Property Type.

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rev. 11-22-2013