Supra KeyBox Access Integration

Members of participating MLS offices can access the GE Supra KeyBox information assigned to your listings from within CTI Navigator Desktop by selecting the appropriate icon (described below) on a Search Results Table, or on a "Find by MLS Number" screen. Otherwise, see note 3 below for how to directly access your personal Supra account. 

  View Showing Activity  

Select the "View Showing Activity" icon to view a report displaying Key holders that have eSYNC'd their Keys with the KeyBox assigned to the listing by date and time. Because the same MLS number may used in different MLS organizations using Supra, always verify that the Agent and property Address are correct on the Showing Activity Report. (See note 3.) 

View KeyBox Settings  

Select the "View KeyBox Settings" icon to view the settings programmed into the KeyBox that have been assigned to the listing. KeyBox Settings include:

    Assign KeyBox  

Select the "Assign KeyBox" icon to assign a KeyBox (by Serial Number and Shackle Code) to your listing so you can view Showing Activity Reports.  


  1. For instructions on how to use the Supra function, click on the " User's Help" icon at the top of the Supra screen.

  2. Each screen contains a "Print Page" button and a "Log on to KIM" button.

  3. Supra electronic key box users can directly access their personal Supra account at using their GE "Single Sign On" (SSO) user ID and password. For a guide on accessing and using SupraWEB, click here (or go to .

  4. Contact GE Supra (email or call toll-free 877-699-6787) regarding any KeyBox information or to report  errors.