Slide Show

A Slide Show progressively displays the selected report for each of the selected properties on your computer screen for a designated number of seconds. The show loops continuously displaying each property until stopped.

To setup a Slide Show:

  1. Select the Reports icon (Reports icon) on a Data Table menu
  2. Select the Report to be displayed (Buyer Handout, Full Report, etc.) 
  3. Click the Preview button
  4. If needed, set the Zoom factor so that the selected report fits the computer screen
  5. Click the Slide Show icon (Slide Show icon) in the top menu.

Clicking the Slide Show icon on the Report Preview window displays a setup screen such as the one below:

Slide Show Dialog Box

Set the interval of time to display each property (in number of seconds) in the "Change every ___ seconds" box. The number of seconds can be entered directly in the box or selected from the drop-down list. To disable other preview functions during the slide show (such as Close, Print or Email), check "Run as Locked ". The Slide Show button changes to "Stop Slide Show" while a slide show is running.  To stop the show, click the Stop Slide Show button (Slide Show stop button).

Note: The Slide Show is a display option for use on your computer. It does not create a file (and therefore cannot be emailed or used separately) .


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