How to Run CTI Navigator for Multiple MLS's

CTI Navigator can be installed and run for multiple MLS associations on the same computer for users who are active members of more than one MLS using CTI Navigator. However, when adding a second (or subsequent) MLS, be certain that (1) no CTI Navigator functions are running for the existing MLS (i.e., CTI Navigator and its Update Manager are completely closed); and (2) always install the CTI Navigator program for the new MLS before installing its data (if you install data). Both the program and its data can be installed together (in the same session) from installation CDs. You can install just the CTI Navigator program and it will access MLS data over the Internet as needed. 

If you install data, data will automatically install in the last opened version of the CTI Navigator program. This means that if your already have the CTI Navigator programs installed for MLS1 and for MLS2, to add data for MLS2 you must first open and then exit the MLS2 version of CTI Navigator before installing the MLS2 data. To install (or re-install) data for MLS1 you must first open and close the MLS1 version of CTI Navigator before installing the MLS1 data.

Even though there are many common components, every MLS has a customized version of the CTI Navigator program, as well as a customized database format. You cannot search across multiple MLS's at the same time because the data formats are different and certain program components are unique to each MLS.

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