How to Request Remote Assistance

Assistance by CTI

If requested during normal business hours, CTI technicians can access the computer of licensed users of CTI products over the Internet to provide remote troubleshooting assistance for CTI Navigator. CTI technicians can use one of several remote assistance applications. 

Before attempting a connection, first call CTI Tech Support (800-533-1031 between 8 am to 6 pm M-F Eastern Standard Time) to determine if someone is available to connect to your computer and to be advised which support application to use. You also must agree to the disclaimer in note 1 below before CTI technicians can connect to your computer or mobile device. 

If you agree to CTI's disclaimer (note 1), click on the appropriate link below as directed by CTI tech support to initiate a quick, easy and secure connection for remote assistance.

 Support Application  {click name for details}

Download Required


AeroAdmin Easy Remote Desktop Software Yes    Quickest for all versions of Windows
Ammyy-Admin Remote Desktop Connection  Yes

Quick for all versions of Windows - requires an email address

Windows Remote Assistance No

Utility included in all current versions of Windows (but cumbersome to use)

TeamViewer Quick Remote Support Yes

Very time limited, non-commercial support on Windows or Mac

Yosemite OS X Messages Screen Sharing No

Use Messages app in Yosemite for Mac-to-Mac connection

Chrome Remote Desktop App Yes

Use your Google account to connect through Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, or Android

Mikogo Screen Sharing Yes

Being tested for remote support on Windows or Mac

Note 1: Disclaimer of Warranty. All services are provided under the terms and conditions of CTI's license agreement accompanying CTI Navigator. Assistance in any form is provided only as a convenience to licensed users of CTI products. Problems and solutions may depend on the nature of your system environment and other parameters that are unknown to CTI. By requesting assistance, user agrees that actions and solutions described, suggested or implemented by CTI staff are entirely at the user's own risk and are provided without warranties of any kind. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall CTI or any of its employees be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or other damages, loss, cost or liability whatsoever that result from or are related to use of technical support provided by CTI.

Note 2: Security. Remote assistance utilities used by CTI implement robust data encryption for complete privacy during connection and information transmission.  

Other Tech Support Contacts

Company, Product, Website


Email@ or Internet support


Agent Inbox (NFL only)

561-450-9392 Scheduling, routing & showing app for Smart Phones
Apple Tech Support for iPad or Mac {Expert Advisors} 800-275-2273

Every day 4 am - 8 pm PT (~ 7 am-11pm EST)

Apple iPhone Support resources 800-694-7466  
AutoRealty for AutoContract  {subscription for HWS users} 800-277-8627 M-F 8:30 - 5:30 CST (~ 9:30 am - 6:30 pm EST)
CobaltCare for (w/member bill pay portal) 888-426-2258#4 HWS BOR only (M-F 8 am - 8 pm EST)

FAR Tech Helpline (for Florida Realtors® only)


M-F 9 - 8; Sat 9-5 EST (Fla licensed Realtors® only)

   FAR (Florida) HQ


{PlanetR expired 1/02/2007}

Replaced by

   Form Simplicity by FAR (FL only) tech support


M-Sa 9 - 5 (Fla licensed Realtors® only)

GAR (Georgia) HQ  



iMapp  (for HLN) 800-208-1210 M-F 8:30 - 5 EST

Microsoft Support


M-F 5a-9p; Sat/Sun 6 am-3 pm

MLS Advantage by FAR (Florida Realtors® only)


M-Sa 9 - 5 (Fla licensed Realtors® only)




    NAR - www.Realtor.ORG - HelpDesk


M-F 8:30 - 5 CST  (~ 9:30am - 6pm EST)



M-F 8:30 - 5 CST  (~ 9:30am - 6pm EST)

NCAR (N.Carolina) HQ



M-F 8:30 - 5 EST

Real Front Desk Online for Showings (HLN & NFL only)


Showing appointments & feedback system

Realty Tools support for ToolkitCMA 800-828-0970  

Supra eKeybox


M-Sun 5 am–7 pm PT (~ 8am - 10pm EST)

    Supra update code



Also at SupraWeb

    SupraWEB acct management



Tech Helpline for Individuals (by subscription)


M-F 9 - 8; Sat 9-5 EST (fee-based support)

Top Producer 8i +


M-F 9 am – 8 pm EST

Zillow & Trulia 888-561-8481 Group support Brokers:; Agents:

M - F 7:30am - 5pm PST (Managing Brokers & Staff)

zipLogix for zipFormPlus 586-840-0140 M-F 24 hrs; Sat/Sun/Holidays 10 am -10 pm ET

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