CTI Navigator for Mobile Devices

There are several ways you can access and use MLS data in CTI Navigator with mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Ultrabooks, hybrids and convertibles). The approach you take depends largely on what you need to do in the MLS from your mobile device, and on the capabilities of the mobile device.

For a quick synopsis by type of mobile device, see the "Access and use MLS information from Tablet and Smartphone" General Usage Tech Tip.

For detailed information, click on any item in the index below to go directly to that topic: 

Note: for a primer on the wide variety of mobile devices and associated technologies, see the related article "Mobile PC - Tablet Form Factors and Terminology".

Functionality by Mobile Device  

Mobile devices vary greatly in size, form, operating system, processing power, computing speed, browser support, data input support, and data storage. The most important factors that affect using the device with CTI Navigator are its operating system, browser, and internal storage. 

In general:

See below for details by type of mobile device.

  1. Internet-enabled Devices. All Internet-enabled mobile devices (including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Chromebooks) can easily access and use MLS information at CTIís special "mobi" website for mobile devices. You do not need to install any app on your mobile device to use MLS data at this special website. MLS Members can do virtually everything on this website that they would want to do with the MLS in the field. This includes using a hot sheet, full search with details and photos, mapping with directions and auto-find nearby similar properties, emailing a Buyer Report to clients, and more. To access this website, go to http://{YourMLS}.Ctimls.mobi (substitute the 3-letter code for your local MLS in place of {YourMLS} in this web address) and enter your CTI Navigator agent ID (not your full name) and your CTI Navigator password. See "CTI Navigator Mobile device website" below for details.

  2. Smartphones. iPhone and Android Smartphones, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 10 Mobile each run their own specialized operating system and specialized programs (apps) on low power processors that are not compatible with computing programs designed to run on full-powered computer processors. Consequently, accessing and using the MLS with Smartphones is best done at CTI's "mobi" website for mobile devices (as described in item 1, "Internet-enabled Devices" above). MLS information displayed at this mobile device website is condensed and formatted to fit the smaller screens and lower processing power across the spectrum of wireless mobile devices (smartphones and consumer-oriented tablets). See item 1 above for the mobile device website address, or see "CTI Navigator Mobile device website" below for details on access and usage. 

    For cell phone buying guidelines, reviews, and reviewer recommendations, see "Best Cell Phones" in the related articles at the end of this web page.

  3. iPad and Android Tablets. Consumer-oriented tablets such as iPad and Android tablets run operating systems derived from Smartphones and specialized programs (apps) that must be certified by the operating system provider. Therefore, such consumer-oriented tablets currently are not compatible with running the full featured CTI Navigator MLS system natively. There are some technologies under development that may allow the full MLS to run on consumer tablets in the future. For now, directly accessing and using MLS information with an iPad or Android tablet is best performed at CTI's "mobi" website for mobile devices (as described in item 1, "Internet-enabled Devices" above). (See "Mobile PC - Tablet Form Factors and Terminology" for distinctions between Business Tablets that can run full featured versions of CTI Navigator and Consumer Tablets that currently cannot.)

    If you occasionally need to upload information to the MLS server using your iPad or Android tablet, you can do so using a third-party Remote Desktop App. These apps allow you use your tablet to remotely control CTI Navigator running on your Windows or Mac computer. (See "Remote Desktop Apps" below for details). 

  4. Browser Plug-in Compatible Devices. Mobile devices that run a standard (plug-in compatible) Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) can run the full featured CTI Navigator Web. This includes Apple MacBooks (Pro and Air) and Windows Ultrabooks, Laptops/Notebooks, Business Tablets (except Windows RT - see RT note below), Convertibles, Hybrids, Slates, and Netbooks. The Silverlight browser plug-in is required for graphics rich business applications such as CTI Navigator Web to run in an Internet browser in much the same way as Adobe Flash is required to run most streaming videos in a browser. (See also "Not Internet Dependent Devices" item 5 below.) 

    RT Note. Windows RT-based tablets (such as Microsoft's Surface 2 and Surface RT) run only Microsoft approved applications on ARM-based processors, do not allow browser plug-ins (such as Silverlight), and therefore cannot run the full featured CTI Navigator Web. (Surface Pro and Pro 2 do allow plug-ins and can run Navigator Web.) Windows RT tablet users can use CTIís special "mobi" website for mobile devices (see option 1 above). 

    For an overview of "Mobile PC - Tablet Form Factors and terminology", general buying guides for the various computer types, and representative lists and comparisons of Windows Tablets, Ultrabooks and Convertibles, see Reviews of Windows Tablets, Ultrabooks and Convertibles in the related articles at the end of this web page.

    For instructions on using CTI Navigator Web, see "Tutorials for Internet Browser based CTI Navigator Web" in the related articles at the end of this web page; or click on Help inside CTI Navigator Web and select Tutorials.     

  5. Not Internet Dependent Devices. You can install CTI Navigator Desktop and download MLS data onto a Laptop/Notebook, Ultrabook or Business Tablet computer that runs a current full version of Windows (except Windows RT - see RT note above) if the device includes internal storage (such as a hard drive or solid-state drive) for application data. Then you can update the MLS data on your computer before you disconnect from the Internet and CTI Navigator Desktop will run using the data stored inside your computer/tablet.  (See "Mobile PC - Tablet Form Factors and Terminology" for important distinctions between Business Tablet and Consumer Tablet.) 

  6. Non-Internet Enabled Device [now discontinued]. Prior to 2012, if your cell phone service did not include Internet access, you could install the handheld version of CTI  Navigator on some older smartphones or PDAs, and export selected MLS data to your phone or PDA. However, to use the non-Internet handheld Navigator option, this special export service must be supported by your MLS, the phone must be supported by your telecom provider (older phone systems are often abandoned by telecom providers), and your phone must run either 
    •  a Palm operating system (released prior to the Palm/HP webOSô);   or 
    •  the Windows Mobile operating system prior to Win Mobile 7 OS with touch screen.
    Installing and using Handheld CTI Navigator on such cell phones without Internet access is described on the Handheld CTI Navigator web page However, handheld CTI Navigator was discontinued by all MLS's in 2012 and is no longer available.

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Functionality by Version of CTI Navigator 

There are three (3) versions of CTI Navigator that can be used with mobile devices: Mobi, Web, and Desktop. Which version of CTI Navigator is appropriate for you depends on what you need to do in the MLS from your mobile device. 

CTI Navigator Mobi website

CTI's mobi website provides most, but not all, of the functionality of the full-featured CTI Navigator. You can use any mobile device with Internet access (including Apple, Android or Windows laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, or Smartphones) at this website, regardless of operating system, browser, or internal storage capability. At CTI's mobi website you can view a hot-sheet of recent activities, search all MLS data, display listing details, photos and (where available) tax records, see property map location with directions, auto-find nearby similar properties, and email an MLS report to clients. See CTI Navigator Mobile device website below for more details. 

You cannot add or modify a listing or CMA, or save a custom search on the mobi website. To use these MLS functions you need a device (or access to a device - see Remote Connection note) that supports either CTI Navigator Web or CTI Navigator Desktop

Remote Connection Note: Android, Apple (iPad), Chrome Devices, and Windows RT tablet users can use third-party remote desktop apps to connect to another computer running CTI Navigator Desktop or Web, and add or revise listings or CMAs, or save searches through that computer.  

CTI Navigator Web

CTI Navigator Web runs all MLS functions (except rank agents and create custom flyers) in the Internet browser on your mobile device. This requires that your device support a standard (plug-in compatible) browser, but does not require any dedicated internal storage inside the device. 

Apple MacBook (Pro and Air) notebooks, and Windows laptops/notebooks and tablets (except Windows RT) support standard (plug-in compatible) browsers and therefore should be able to run CTI Navigator Web. Devices running Android, Apple's iOS (iPad and iPhone), Chrome OS, and Windows RT do not support standard browser plug-ins and therefore cannot run CTI Navigator Web. See CTI Navigator Mobi (and remote connection note) for Android, Apple iOS, Chrome OS, and Windows RT devices. 

CTI Navigator Desktop

CTI Navigator Desktop provides all MLS functions on any mobile computer running Windows (except Windows RT). Your mobile device must have internal storage capability so Navigator Desktop can be installed. CTI Navigator Desktop includes an option to install MLS data onto your device so that you can run MLS functions even when the device is not connected to the Internet. 

All Windows laptops/notebooks and business tablets (except Windows RT) should be able to install and run CTI Navigator Desktop. Apple MacBooks running Windows (such as through Apple's Boot Camp or through Virtualization software) also should be able to install and run CTI Navigator Desktop. However, devices running Android, running only an Apple operating system (iOS or OS X), or that lack an internal hard drive or solid-state drive (with at least 1 GB of available storage space) cannot install and run CTI Navigator Desktop. 

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CTI Navigator Mobile device website

CTI provides a special mobile device website where MLS members can use any mobile device with Internet access to browse MLS data and email MLS reports to clients. This includes smartphones (such as Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Palm Treo/Pre/Pixie, PanTech, Samsung, Windows Phone, etc.), tablets (such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia, Barnes and Noble Nook, Blackberry Playbook, Google Nexus 7 or 10, HP TouchPad, Lenovo IdeaPad or ThinkPad, Le Pan Tablet, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Excite or Thrive, et cetera), and cloud-based Chromebooks (such as Acer C7, Chromebook Pixel, HP Pavilion 14, Samsung 550, and Samsung Series 3).  Note - the examples listed are representative but not comprehensive.

You do not need to download or install any CTI Navigator specific app onto your device to use MLS information at this special  website. The MLS information displayed at this website is condensed and formatted to fit the smaller screens and lower processing power typical of wireless mobile devices. You also can log into this website and view the MLS information in modified format on any computer anywhere in the world without need to install CTI Navigator or the Silverlight  browser plug-in. 

Mobi Website Access

The web address for access by mobile devices is http://{YourMLS}.Ctimls.mobi (see note below for your 3-letter MLS code). This is a special ".mobi" website for mobile devices as described above. Do NOT enter ".com" in the address. The address is not case sensitive. You can manually create a Bookmark or Shortcut for easy return to the mobi website home page.  You also have the option to save your password.

For instructions and screenshots on "How to Add Websites to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet", click here. For instructions and screenshots on "How to add Bookmarks in Safari for the iPhone" click here.

Some browsers function better than others to automatically zoom screens, and display graphics and PDF documents on mobile devices with different form factors. If yours doesn't display all MLS information satisfactorily on your device, try another browser (if this is supported by your mobile device). There are numerous free browsers for mobile devices. The current version of Dolphin (not Dolphin HD), Opera Mini (not Opera Mobile), and Skyfire browser seem to display information especially well across a variety of smartphones. 

To enter the mobi site for your MLS you need to know your CTI Navigator 6-letter agent/user ID and your associated  password. User IDs typically are comprised of the first letter of your first name plus the first five letters of your last name (with no spaces). Your Agent ID is displayed in the MLS roster/address book. Once you sign-in successfully, you can elect to not need to re-enter your CTI Navigator user ID or password to access the Mobile Navigator Main Menu on this device - unless you delete the Cookies saved by its Internet browser. 

Using MLS information at Mobi Website

CTI's mobi website provides most of the functionality of the full-featured CTI Navigator. On the mobi site, you can Search for listings by MLS #, by full or partial street name, by Type/Price/Area, and/or by any listing criteria in the MLS database. Search results and photos default to display only Active listings. However, you can "Search by MLS#" to see photos and a report for Non-Active (including Sold) listings. You also can Search for Agents and Offices by partial name. 

Where appropriate you can search Rentals in the MLS. You also can link from a listing to its tax record on an MLS compatible  local Property Appraiser's website. 

Click on a listing, agent or office name to view more information (which will be displayed in another screen). On many phones, you can tap on the telephone number to initiate a call to that number, and tap on the email address of the Agent or Office to send an email to that address. To return to the previous screen, click the BACK button or underlined URL on-screen rather than the Back button in your browser. 

Use the Hot Sheet to quickly see recent price changes, new, sold, pending or under contract listings. Information for listings includes property details, photos, attached documents, and map location. The interactive property map can display driving directions both in text and with on-map route trace. To automatically display the location of active listings that are similar to the subject property, just click the "Show Similar Properties" button at the bottom of the Map screen. Similar properties are of the same Property Type, in the same MLS defined area, and priced between 10% above to 25% below the price of the subject property.

You can email a Buyer Information Report from the mobi website to new clients, or to clients in a list for whom you have entered their email address in CTI Navigator Web. The report will include your customizable signature information from CTI Navigator Web. 

Currently, there are some functional limitations on the mobi website. You cannot create information in the MLS from the mobi website (such as add or modify a listing or CMA). You also cannot save searches. To perform functions that require uploading data into the MLS from an iPad, Android tablet, or Chromebook, run a "Remote Desktop App" as described below.  

MLS Code Note. To get to the secured mobi website for your MLS you need to know CTI's 3-letter code specifically for your local MLS. It will reflect the name of your MLS as of the date your MLS originally contracted for CTI Navigator service. Current MLS codes are HLN, HWS, NAS, NEG, NFL. If you do not know your MLS code, it can be determined by 

Non-Internet Mobile Device Note. If your smartphone or mobile device does not have Internet service, see option 6 above for Handheld CTI Navigator

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Mobile Device Support


Registered MLS users may contact CTI Navigator Mobile Device  technical support at Creative Technology of Sarasota, Inc. (phone 1-800-533-1031 or email to Support@ctimls.com) for additional information and assistance if needed. Currently, support for Mobile CTI Navigator is available M - F, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST.

Remote Desktop Apps

While iPad, Android tablets, and Chromebooks cannot run the full featured CTI Navigator MLS system internally, it is possible to connect your tablet or Chrome Device over the Internet to your personal computer (Windows or Mac). Then you can remotely use all of the features of the full version of CTI Navigator (Desktop or Web) on that computer through your tablet or Chrome Device - including add and revise listings. 

To use your tablet or Chrome Device as a gateway, first download and install or configure a "Remote Desktop" app appropriate for your tablet or Chrome Device ("client" software) and your home computer ("host or server" software). Then run that app to connect the two devices over the Internet. There are quite a variety of such apps available, offering a wide variety of features.  

Important issues to consider in evaluating Remote Desktop apps for your use are: your mobile and home device operating systems; ease of setup and configuration; how computer mouse and keyboard commands are simulated on your mobile device (a critical usage issue); level of security over the Internet; connection type (Wi-Fi/4G/3G/2G), speed, and stability; screen display quality and ease of adjustment; availability of tech support; and cost of service (if required). 

CTI has reviewed and tested a sample of the free Remote Desktop apps (see above) that have been highly rated by users (4.4+ on a 5 point scale). While they all work adequately for certain types of connections and actions, they each have drawbacks and probably should not be depended on for your primary access to MLS information all the time.

Disclaimer. CTI is not affiliated in any way with any of these app developers or vendors, and has not extensively tested these apps across Apple, Android, and Chrome mobile devices. CTI cannot recommend or guarantee that any of these apps will perform as described by their developer or vendor. For inquires and tech support on third-party programs, please contact the program vendor. 

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Note - Example devices listed on this and related web pages are representative but not comprehensive, and may not be currently available.

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