Beginner's Guide to Flyers

To learn how to customize or create MLS flyers in CTI Navigator Desktop, we recommend that you start by modifying an existing flyer template (as described below). Starting with a predesigned template is much simpler and faster than creating a custom design from scratch.  

As background, first read Design Flyers and Custom Reports. (Note that many graphical design commands are NOT the same as for word processing.) You also can read about flyers and report/flyer designer inside CTI Navigator Desktop under Help. (Instructions for using the predesigned flyers are in Help > Using CTI Navigator > Listings > Flyers. For an overview of design elements, go to Help > Using CTI Navigator > Tools > Report/Flyer Designer Overview. For a full description of all the design functions see Help > Using CTI Navigator > Tools > Report/Flyer Designer.)


Follow the steps below to customize the basic flyer template (Flyer1) with your own agent and office information. Note that to be able to use your agent photo and/or company logo in flyers (or custom reports), the photo and logo image file(s) must be available in your computer.  

  1. In CTI Navigator Desktop’s main menu, select Listings > Flyers > Flyer1
  2. Click Edit New Property and enter a listing number to create your personalized flyer. (Note - if you want your flyer to display all photos for listings, choose a listing that has all its photos.)

Edit Images (Photos and logos) that do Not change between listings


  1. On the Report/Flyer Designer screen, click on the logo (Re/Max) in the upper left corner of the flyer. This will place sizing handle squares around this “photo” box. To change the size of the box, click, hold and drag the appropriate handle. To reposition the box, click and hold the cursor on the box and move with the mouse.
  2. If you do not have a company logo file, click Edit > Delete to remove this photo/image box. Otherwise, select the Properties icon (Report Display icon) in the top menu (or right-click on the photo/image box) to open its Properties.
  3. To change the image in a photo box to your company logo, click the Open File button (Open File button) beside Photo File in the Properties window > change “Look in” to the location of your logo file > click Open.  The logo will appear in the box. Use the sizing handles to resize the box if needed.
  4. To change the agent photo, click on the existing photo in the upper right corner of the flyer > click the Open File button beside Photo File > change “Look in” to the location of your agent photo file > click Open. If you do not have an agent photo file, click Edit > Delete to remove this photo box.
  5. Close the Properties window by clicking the X in the top right corner. 

Edit Text that does Not change between listings


  1. To select the label/text box in the top middle of the flyer, click anywhere in the box. This will place sizing handles around the box. To change the size of the box, click/hold/drag the appropriate handle. To reposition the box, click and hold the cursor on the box and move with the mouse.
  2. To edit text in the label/text box, click inside the box and then highlight the text to be changed, or click where to add text. For example, to change the name “Tiffany Turner”- click at the beginning (or end) of the name > hold the mouse button down and drag the curser across the words to be changed (highlighting Tiffany Turner) > type your name. Highlight and replace the other text (company name and phone numbers) as appropriate.  Note when editing text -
  1. Click outside the text box to end the editing and save changes to the text.
  2. To change the format of text in a label/text box, select the box itself > click the desired format button (font, bold, italic, color, etc.). The text in the box will display in the new format. Note -

·       Formatting applies to all text in the same text box. To use different formats for different lines of text, use different label/text boxes.

·       There are no Clear or Undo buttons. To revert to a previous format, re-select the previous format setting (or Exit without saving changes).


  1. To end editing text, click outside the text box in a different part of the screen (or click the Tab button on your keyboard).

Add Listing Linked Text Field [optional]

  1. Open the list of the available field names by clicking View and Field List in the top menu. Fields are place markers for where the designated listing information will appear on the flyer (or custom report) when the listing information is linked to the flyer/report. Fields for listings differ by Form Type (and are different from fields for tax based reports where available). The Field List window can be resized by clicking, holding and dragging a perimeter line. It can be moved by clicking and holding its title bar while moving the pointer.
  2. To add a new box on a flyer/report for text that is linked to listings, click and hold your cursor on the field name (such as Financing) in the Field List > drag the cursor to the appropriate position on the report/flyer where the information is to be displayed. The insertion point is indicated by vertical bars on both the horizontal and vertical rulers on the screen margins. 
  3. Resize the box so that the selected field information will fit properly. Note: Include enough space in the box for lower case letters with "below the line" descenders ("tails" such as on g j p q and y). If the text for the listing information does not fit completely in the field box, the field may not display at all in the Flyer.
  4. To change the font or other property of text in a box, click View > Properties in the top menu > select the Font (or other property) > use the down arrow beside the box in the Properties window to select the appropriate setting > the text should reflect the change > press the Enter key (to record the change) > click outside the box.

Add Listing Bound Photograph(s) [optional]

A photograph that belongs to a listing is a "Bound Picture". A Bound Picture box is a place marker for where the designated listing photo will appear on the flyer (or custom report) when the listing information is linked to the flyer/report.

  1. To place a listing photograph on the flyer/report, in the top menu click Insert > select Bound Picture > select where the photo should display on the flyer > click and hold the mouse button down as you drag a box of the appropriate size for a listing photo. Click the handles of the box to re-size if necessary.
  2. Specify which listing photo should display in a Bound Picture box by selecting View > Properties (if not already open) > highlight the number in the Photo Number > type the appropriate number or use the up/down spin arrows to select the appropriate Photo (#1 is the main photo, #2 is the second photo, and so forth) > press the Enter key.
  3. If desired, select the Size Mode in the Properties Windows > use the Down Arrow to Select the appropriate size:
  1. Click X to close the Properties window.

Save Customized Flyer

  1. To save changes to a flyer/report, click File > Save As > enter a short descriptive File Name > change “Save In” to your agent name (or Templates if you prefer) > click Save. 
  2. To close the Flyer/Report Designer, click File > Exit.  

Open Customized Flyer

To open and preview a custom flyer it must be saved on this computer (under your agent name folder as described above). Select Listings > Flyers > change “Look in” to where you saved your flyers > select the name of your flyer > check Print Preview > click Print button to see the flyer using existing data, or click “Merge and Print” and enter a listing number to view your custom flyer with the selected listing data.


Email a Listing Flyer

To email a flyer populated with listing data, select the saved flyer (as described above) and click the email icon on the Print Preview screen. Selecting the e-mail icon will convert the flyer to a PDF formatted file named Report.pdf that will be attached to your email message. This file can be opened and viewed in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You also can save the flyer as a PDF file on your computer by selecting the Save as PDF icon on the Print Preview screen. (Flyers need to be converted to PDF because the native format of flyers is rdf which can be read only by the CTI Navigator program.)


Note: the design process is essentially the same for creating flyers as it is for creating custom reports. This means that once you have mastered the design process, you will know how to create custom flyers and how to create custom reports in CTI Navigator Desktop.


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