Disable McAfee's Redirector services

The "Redirector" services in McAfee security software may block certain Windows functions (such as DCOM) that programs like CTI Navigator may require to send data securely over the Internet. To stop this interference:
  1. From the Start button, click Run... (or press the Windows logo + R keys; or see note 1 below)
  2. Type "Services.msc" (without quotes) in the "Open" box and press the Enter key .
  3. The list of Windows services will appear. Scroll down to the "McAfee Redirector" service >
  4. Right-click on the McAfee Redirector and click on "Stop". This should temporarily fix the problem during your current session of Windows.
  5. To prevent the McAfee Redirector service from starting the next time you restart your computer, right-click on the McAfee Redirector > choose "Properties" > change the Startup type on the General tab from "Automatic" to "Disabled" (see note 2 below).
  6. Contact McAfee support for further resolution of this problem (also see note 2 below).
Note 1. In Windows XP and Vista, you can select Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services instead of running services.msc. For a larger screen view, click the "Standard" tab. Then skip step 2 and continue with step 3 above.

Note 2. Disabling McAfee's Redirector may also limit some of McAfee's anti-virus and firewall protection. The current bug appears to be in McAfee's Privacy Service (and/or SpamKiller). An alternative to stopping the McAfee Redirector services would be to uninstall McAfee's Privacy Service (and SpamKiller, if installed) until its bug is fixed by McAfee. 

Note 3. If your version of McAfee does not include a Redirector service, you may temporarily stop McAfee's Proxy Service (follow steps 1-4 above but select McAfee Proxy Service instead of Redirector) to determine if it is interfering with the Windows DCOM function. 

To use the Windows XP firewall instead of McAfee's firewall, see "Configure Security in Windows and Vista" in the related articles below.

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