Disable Common Anti-Spyware Programs

Some anti-spyware programs may interfere with legitimate CTI Navigator functions. If you have otherwise unexplained problems (see related articles below) running CTI Navigator and have an anti-spyware program active on your computer, you may need to temporarily disable the program as described below. 

You can click on an item in the list to go directly to its instructions:


  1. Right-click on the Ad-Watch icon in the system tray
  2. Un-check "Active" at the bottom of the screen
  3. Un-check "Automatic" at the bottom of the screen

SpyBot TeaTimer

  1. Open Spybot and click on Mode
  2. Check Advanced Mode
  3. Check "Yes"
  4. Click on Tools in bottom left hand corner
  5. Click on the System Startup icon
  6. Un-check Teatimer 
  7. Click Allow Change.

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  1. Open SpySweeper
  2. Click Options on the left then click Program Options
  3. Un-check "Load at Windows Startup"
  4. Click "Shields" on the left and then un-check all 
  5. Un-check "Home Page Shield"
  6. Un-check "Automatically restore default without notification".


  1. Right-click the SpywareGuard icon
  2. Select Menu > File > Exit.

Configure Spyware Doctor

To set Spyware Doctor to always allow access to the MLS data website (ctimls.com):

  1. Open Spyware Doctor (right-click on the tray icon and click Open)
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Select Global Action List
  4. Click the Add button
  5. In the box below "Apply the action below to this website" enter ctimls.com
  6. In the box below "Apply this action..." click the drop down arrow and select Allow.

Note: If the above does not resolve the problem, Disable the IntelliGuard function. 

To add CTI Navigator to Spyware Doctor's "Ignore List" as a safe program to not scan:

  1. Run a Spyware Doctor scan with CTI Navigator installed
  2. Un-select all items except CTI Navigator in the scan results window
  3. With only CTI Navigator selected, click on the "Click to select which infections should be fixed" link
  4. Choose "Move Checked to Ignore List".

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Disable Spyware Doctor

  1. Click the Spyware Doctor icon in the system tray
  2. Either click Shut Down; or if Shutdown is not available, click Settings (depending on the version)
  3. Click Startup Settings under "Pick a Category"
  4. Un-check " Run at Windows Startup"
  5. Click Apply and Exit Spyware Doctor.

Disable STOPzilla Anti-Spyware

To completely disable blocking Pop-ups in STOPzilla:

  1. Right-click on the STOPzilla System Tray icon
  2. Select "View Basic Options" 
  3. Under SPYWARE PROTECTION, select Disable
  4. Click OK.

For direct Tech Support on STOPzilla, phone 1-877-877-9944 in the USA; or right-click on the System Tray Icon > Select Tools > ADVANCED OPTIONS > Support tab. 

If your current Internet Security program is not effectively blocking viruses or spyware, you may want to follow the appropriate instructions in the related article below "Security Cleanup Links." 

See related articles and Internet links (as appropriate):

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