Configure the "ContentProtect" Internet filter

The "ContentProtect" Internet filter (by ContentWatch Corp.) may need to be configured to allow CTI Navigator to run certain functions over the Internet. To configure ContentProtect:

  1. Close CTI Navigator
  2. Right-click on the ContentProtect icon (looks like a green & white globe) in the Windows system tray
  3. Select Admin Tools
  4. Enter your Name and Password for ContentProtect and click OK
  5. Click Overrides button
  6. Select Web Address tab
  7. Enter > click Allow
  8. Select Applications tab
  9. Click Browse (or Browse Applications)
  10. Select CTI Navigator.exe > click OK
  11. Select CTIUpdateManager.exe > click OK

Note 1. To temporarily disable ContentProtect right-click on the icon and select Disable. To re-active it, right-click the icon and select Enable. To completely remove ContentProtect, follow the instructions at .

Note 2. According to the ContentWatch web site, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ContentProtect are addressed at . Technical Support is provided by email at and by phone at 1-800-485-4008. 

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