Use in CTI Navigator

MLS data and links to the on-line iMapp tax and interactive mapping program (where available) can be fully integrated into both CTI Navigator Desktop and CTI Navigator Web. Members of participating MLS organizations can access iMapp from inside CTI Navigator in a number of ways.

  1. On the main screen of CTI Navigator (Desktop or Web), click Web-Links and select iMapp to log you into the iMapp system and start a search (see note 1 below).  
  2. On any CTI Navigator (Desktop or Web) Search Listings or Tax Search Results screen, select a property (see note 2 below) and then click the iMapp icon .  
  3. On the "Find by MLS Listing NumberQuick Find screen in CTI Navigator (Desktop or Web), enter an MLS number and then click the iMapp icon on the Quick Find screen.
  4. On the "Find by Tax IDQuick Find screen in CTI Navigator Desktop, enter a Tax ID and then click the iMapp icon on the Quick Find screen.
  5. On the Listings Details screen in CTI Navigator Web, click the iMapp icon .

Tutorial Videos for Accessing iMapp

These tutorial videos use screen images for HLN, but the information applies to any participating MLS organization. 

Help and Instructions by iMapp Inc

For instructions on using iMapp, click the "Users Guide" link here or in the bottom footer of any iMapp screen. {scroll to bottom}

For Help on specific topics in iMapp, click the Help button in the top right corner of the header on any iMapp screen. {scroll to top}

Contact iMapp, Inc. for technical support by phone at 1-888-463-7701 (8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern time); or email; or click "to enter a support request" in the bottom footer of any iMapp screen.


  1. Ensure that your firewall or other Internet security programs are set to Always Allow Internet access to http://{YourMLS} . (Substitute the appropriate 3-letter code for Your local MLS in this web address.)
  2. iMapp will accept and display information for only one listing at a time when opening a link from within CTI Navigator.