"Request Timed Out" Run-time error

A "request timed out" run-time error when emailing an MLS report as a link with a token indicates that the system cannot get the code for the token from the MLS server. Most often this error is caused by an Internet access problem. To fix this problem:

  1. Verify that your Internet connection is active.
  2. Configure your Internet browser to always allow "session cookies" (see "Configure Security Settings in Windows..." in Related Articles below).
  3. Configure or temporarily disable Internet security (see appropriate Configuration instructions in Related Articles below).
  4. Reduce the number of properties to fewer than 20  in the report link.

For "error processing request", "server timed out", or "server has terminated the connection" when emailing attachments (rather than links), see the related article below "Server has Terminated Connection": Message being Broken Apart

For other Run-time errors in email, see the related article below, "CLS Send, Mapi, Runtime or No Valid ID error in Email ".

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