Data Source Filename Too Long; or Data Source Not Found

The "Data Source Filename Too Long" error or "Data Source Not Found and no default driver specified" error indicate that probably Windows is incorrectly set to run CTI Navigator in compatibility mode.  To fix this error in Windows XP and 2000:

  1. Right-click on the CTI Navigator icon on the Windows desktop
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click the Compatibility tab
  4. Un-check "Run this program in compatibility mode".

Only in Windows Vista should compatibility be set for CTI Navigator (to "Run this program as an Administrator"). See the related article below, "Using Windows Vista", for instructions on setting compatibility in Windows Vista.

If correcting compatibility does not fix the problem, un-install and re-install CTI Navigator (see related article below).

If the "Data Source Not Found and no default driver specified" error occurs on a workstation running CTI Navigator over a Local Area Network (LAN), this may indicate that the path to the LAN server is not registered correctly in Windows for CTI Navigator. Uninstalling and reinstalling the network version of CTI Navigator usually fixes this error. If not, and you are comfortable editing the way Windows runs programs on your computer (see warning below), you can manually correct the path in Windows Registry as follows: 

  1. Confirm the correct full path to the LAN on which CTI Navigator is installed
  2. Click Start > Run > type REGEDIT > click OK
  4. Select SOFTWARE > Creative Tech > Navigator 
  5. Double-click on App Path
  6. Enter the correct path and exit.

Warning: Before making any registry changes, Microsoft highly recommends that you make a backup of your registry (see related article below).

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